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Pregnancy yoga supports women at a special time. It's a safe way of exercising your body whilst balancing emotions and calming the mind. Yoga builds strength and stamina which is important for pregnancy and labour , research has shown that regular exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to both mother and baby.

Pregnancy Yoga can help to alleviate minor ailments like back ache, fatigue, sluggish digestion and water retention Yoga can encourage the baby into the best position for delivery and breathing techniques can be very helpful in labour. They can focus and calm the mind, so you can stay centred and in control. Yoga relaxation during pregnancy is wonderfully calming and deeply beneficial for you and your baby.

Please wear loose clothing and bring water with you. Large exercise balls are great for posture work and relaxation, you can order from me, but if you want to buy your own please ensure that it's burst proof. After class there is an opportunity to have a tea or coffee with other mums to be, this can be a time to swap stories and make friends.

Classes are held in Neston and run in six week blocks. Please e-mail for more details.

What new Mums say -

'I really enjoyed how Pregnancy yoga allowed me to thoroughly relax and connect with my unborn baby. The yoga movements and breathing techniques that we practised became useful tools to ease and control the effects of labour' - Helen

`I remember thinking I don't know how I would have coped if I hadn't been to your classes!' - Nicky

`The class was great for meeting other mums to be and sharing experience and concerns. Lindsey is very knowledgeable and tailors exercises to your specific needs' - Clare

`We did an extra class just before labour with our partners,, this really helped my husband to understand how he could help me during labour and he could then support and encourage me to do my controlled breathing ' - Jenny

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