with Lindsey

Hatha Yoga

Yoga builds strength and flexibility whilst calming the mind. It can alleviate back problems as it's an excellent way to strengthen the core. Yoga can improve physical balance whilst balancing the emotions and hormones. The classes include posture work, breathing practice, relaxation and meditation. The sessions are planned so there's always something for any level of student from beginner to experienced,

I first started practicing yoga thirty years ago when I was at school, as a way to exercise and to help me cope with exam stress. I knew instantly that I'd found what I needed . Over the years I've tried many styles of yoga but I've always come back to Hatha, as I love the variety of postures which I use to create flowing sequences. As a TV producer and reporter I find that yoga helps me find balance in a busy life and I enjoy sharing my love of yoga with my students . I teach weekly classes and offer one to one sessions


Meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind and combat stress.

Meditation classes are held on Monday mornings in Wirral and often involve outdoor sessions.


Yoga, for me, is like having a big tool box with so many important tools and utensils to help me get through everyday life! " - Julie

`Lindsay's class is great and very motivating ' - Maureen

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